Our Esthetician (Skincare)  Program:

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CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of our Esthetician Students for PASSING their STATE BOARD Licensing Examination!!!

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             Total program costs: $5,500

             Day & Evening Classes are Available!!!

Our 600 hour, California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology approved course, includes the study of the anatomy and skin sciences, safety and sanitation procedures and practice of all aspects of skin care, including skin analysis, facials, massage of the head and neck, make-up, product selection, waxing, body wraps, laser treatments, anti-aging treatments, prescribing skin care regimens and reflexology.  This course provides for both classroom instruction and supervised practice of job related skills.

  We are a Beauty School 
that also teaches Multi-ethnic Skin Care

Our Esthetics (Skin care) program offers extensive knowledge concentrating on healthy skin care for all skin types and special training with multi-ethnic skin care as this population continues to grow. More and more Estheticians will be in demand to service the skin care needs of the multi-ethnic population, which in turn will make our students more marketable and give our students here at Jama's Beauty College the advantage to potentially earn a higher income.   Our students will be adequately trained on all skin types. 

Students will understand and have a diverse knowledge of what the different skin types and tones of the general population facial regimen requires for proper and healthy upkeep.

The student will learn the following subjects:

In Theory:

Law and Regulations
- Disinfection & Sanitation
- Anatomy & Physiology
- Health & Safety
- Principles of Electrical Devices
- Client Consultation & Assessment
- Manual Facials
- Electrical Facials
- Chemical Facials
- Eyebrow Shaping
- Eyebrow Waxing
- Body Waxing
- Make-Up Application
- Advance Make-up (Prosthetics)

The student will learn about communication skills that include professional ethics, salesmanship, decorum record-keeping, client service, record cards, basic tax responsibilities related to independent contractors, booth renters, employees and employers, marketing and client retention.

The student will learn the following subjects:

In Practical:

- Manual, Chemical, and Electrical Facials

the student will learn about and have practical training in manual facials including cleansing, scientific manipulations, packs, and masks. Electrical Facials include the use of electrical modalities, dermal lights and electrical apparatus, for facials and skin care purposes; Chemical Facials include chemical skin peels, packs, masks and scrubs. Training shall emphasize that only the non-living, uppermost layers of facial skin, known as the epidermis, may be removed, and only for the purpose of beautification.

Students giving facial treatments!!!
Chin Le
- Make-Up

the student will learn about and have practical training in Products, Tools, Supplies, Daytime Make-Up, Special Occasion Make-Up, Camouflage, Custom Blending, Facial Contouring, Black and White Photo Make-Up, Glamour Eyes, Fantasy Make-Up, Corrective, Bridal, Custom Lip Sticks, Custom Foundations, Body Art, Photo Shoot, Artificial Eyelashes, Lash and Brow Tinting, Body Bronzing, Consultation, Safety and Sanitation.

Student applying make-up!!!

- We also teach Prosthetic (Advance Make-up) so that you are 
  Movie Industry Ready!!!

 Students being taught Prosthetic Make-up,
just how it's done in the Movies!!!

Prosthetic Make-up!!!!

Special Effects Make-up, like in the MOVIES!!!

(Advanced) Prosthetic 
Make-up class!!!

Students having fun with Prosthetic Make-up!!!!

Students are also taught:

Eyebrow Shaping and Body Waxing

the student will learn and have practical training in eyebrow shaping and hair removal techniques, hair analysis, waxing, tweezing, manual or electrical depilatories. 

- Disinfection and Sanitation

the student will learn the following techniques and procedures: Disinfection and sanitation including proper procedures to protect the health and safety of the consumer as well as the technician. Proper disinfection procedures for equipment used in establishments. 

Disinfection shall be emphasized throughout the entire training period and must be performed before use of all instruments and equipment.

Our Esthetician Students have a 100% 
State Board Licensing passing rate!
A few of our Lovely Grads who have passed 
State Board!

Graduation & Program Completion Date

Is based upon the amount of hours you complete per week per your schedule.  Completion dates can range from 
4 to 9 months

Classes are held

 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday for day

Day Classes are:     9:00am - 3:30pm
                      or    9:00am - 5:30pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for evening

Evening Classes are: 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Affordable Payment Plans are available!

We provide on-going enrollment so...


                  Advance your career                
Increase Your Employability

In the beauty Industry, an Esthetician is considered to be one of the most challenging careers in the beauty industry.  It is definitely a beauty trade but it is tied very closely to the medical field.  Estheticians provide various services aimed at maintaining skin that is healthy and in good condition, while the client enjoys being pampered!

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