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Jama's Beauty & Barber College, we provide QUALITY EDUCATION with an (affordable tuition that is cost effective for the budget conscience student).

At Jama's Beauty & Barber College we set high standards for EXCELLENCE, while recognizing each student's need for individuality.

Congratulations to our Graduates for PASSING their STATE BOARD Licensing Examination, 
you make us PROUD!!!!!

We were recently Honored as

 "Small Business of the Year" 
by the United Chambers of the San Fernando Valley.

Thank you...to All Staff and Students for your endless dedication and hardwork!!!

Programs Available and Costs:

                             Cosmetology  $9,500
                             Barbering       $7,500          
                             Esthetics        $5,500
                             Manicuring     $5,000

             We offer affordable monthly payment plans!

Day & Evening Classes are Available!!!

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We offer flexible scheduling for the students who are: 

- Changing Careers
                                     - A Stay-at-home Parent
                                     - A Part-time Worker 
                                     - Needing more versatility to complete their
                                       program of study.

We are a Beauty School 
that also teach 
Multi-ethnic Hair Care & Skin Care

You'll be thrilled to know that our Cosmetology program and Esthetics (Skin care) program offers extensive knowledge concentrating on healthy hair care for all hair types and multi-ethnic hair needs and healthy skin care for all skin types and special training with the multi-ethnic skin as this population continues to grow.  More and more Hairstylists and Estheticians will be in demand to service the hair needs and skin care needs of the multi-ethnic population, which in turn will make our students more marketable and give our students here at Jama's Beauty College the advantage to potentially earn a higher income.   Our students will be adequately trained on all hair and skin types. 

Our Cosmetology students will know the difference in hair texture and how to take care of and manage the tightly coil curly hair to the silky straight hair. 

Our Esthetic (Skin care) students will understand and have a diverse knowledge of what the different skin types and skin tones of the general population facial regimen requires for proper and healthy upkeep.

At Jama's Beauty College we'll teach you (the student) what it takes to be the best professional in your chosen program of study, while encouraging you to develop and explore your own creative horizons as you prepare for a career in the EXCITING world of beauty. 

We take pride in providing a stunning, upscale full service salon-like facility where our students will be given the ability to achieve excellence through our distinguished programs and modules of higher learning that includes goal setting, achievement, and ultimate self-empowerment. 

Class room Instruction

At Jama's Beauty College our classrooms are setup for more individual attention, to ensure the student doesn't get overwhelm in a crowded room.  We pride ourselves in making sure our students are understanding the material and concepts as he/she moves forward in their programs. The student will receive a comprehensive curriculum taught by Educators who are dedicated in helping them develop the skill-set necessary for a successful career in the beauty Industry.

The student will be provided with classroom theory lectures and one-on-one coaching in practical skills as we prepare them for licensure. They will be taught what to expect from the "real world" as a professional as they move forward into their own individual endeavors, while learning how to be the best professional at their craft.

Our programs cover the art and science of Cosmetology (1600 hour), Esthetics -Skin Care (600 hours) and Manicuring (400 hours) of combined theory and practical lessons.  The student will also learn Business Related Skills for Success, Health and Safety Practices as well as State Board Procedures.

Our teaching methods are also formatted for questions and answers, Educator demonstrations, student hands on training with mannequins and working on real clients, group projects, one-on-one attention, to professional Industry guest artists.  

All students will be required to use Milady Standard textbooks and will be graded on chapter tests and chapter homework.  Student's practical skills will be observed by their Educator and are graded on how technical and sanitary the operations are executed with detail to client's safety. 

Each student's program will consist of three stages.  Before a student can continue to the next stage students must pass all practical and written tests and each stage's final exam. 

Each student will have knowledge of the new stage, outlining and explaining subjects to be reviewed, classroom expectations, testing time and homework due dates. Within our on-going enrollment the stage cycle will repeat itself at the end of the time allotted. 

After Graduation and Getting Licensed

You'll be able to pursue a career as a hairstylist, esthetician (skin care provider) or manicurist in a salon or day spa.  You may wish to apply for an entry level position in film, television, fashion or editorial.  Maybe your goal is to begin a career as a beauty industry specialist, platform artist/educator, teacher, or product sales/representative or 

Be your own boss and own a salon or day spa!  

In this LUCRATIVE Beauty Industry the only limit is the one you put on yourself!

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 Jama's Beauty College, a school that believes in You!

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Classes are held

 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday for day

Day Classes are:     9:00am - 3:30pm
                      or    9:00am - 5:30pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for evening

Evening Classes are: 6:00pm - 10:00pm

If more scheduling flexibility is needed, please consult with an enrollment couselor.

Make your education count 


Canoga Park, Ca.

Programs Available and Costs:

                             Cosmetology $9,500
                             Barbering      $7,500           
                             Esthetics       $5,500
                             Manicuring    $5,000

Prices are subject to change.

 We offer affordable monthly payment plans!

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