Make a change...be your own boss!!!

"A new career/ a new
beginning in
 the lucrative World of Beauty"

Are you in a job where you feel there's no way up or it's a dead end? Do you cringe at the thought of getting out of bed or out of your car to a job that no longer feeds your soul and you want more job fulfillment, more stability that lasts even though recessions, and unlimited income where you can make as much as you want or as little as you want, it's ALL up to you, then consider a career in the Beauty Industry, where you can set your own hours and be your own boss.  If this is truly the freedom you want, call for an appointment TODAY to speak with a school counselor at JAMA'S BEAUTY & BARBER COLLEGE, and begin your start on the road to something wonderful and rewarding.  I did!

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P.S.  Congratulations to our Graduates for PASSING their STATE             BOARD Licensing Examination, you make us PROUD!!!!!