Our State Board Refresher Course is based on individual need.  

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Student testimonial for this course

  • 8/3/2017
  • "Vanessa, the teacher at this school is the best there is. I had gone to Marinello 10 years previously before randomly calling Jama's Beauty College and speaking to Vanessa about finally getting my cosmetology license. I told her that when I had gone to school I had not paid any attention and that I had made "school" to be one big party. I let her know that I knew absolutely NOTHING that I had needed to know in order to pass state board. She promised me that she would teach me everything I needed to know (and truthfully I was not so sure I could learn it in such a short time) ....well, 30 hours later of private class with teacher Vanessa and I passed state board with flying colors. AND CONFIDENTLY! 
  • I would recommend her teachings to anyone !!!"

Sharili B.